Cianciolo Children and Young Adult Literature Research Collection

In 2003, Dr. Patricia Cianciolo, ’49, donated her expansive personal collection of nearly 35,000 pieces of literature, illustrations, articles, and artworks to Cardinal Stritch University. The Cianciolo Children and Young Adult Literature Research Collection is housed in the University Library.

In addition to her interest in collecting literature, Cianciolo also wrote and published research on the subject. Her two books – “Picture Books for Children” and “Illustrations in Children’s Books” – are considered standards in the field, according to a citation of the International Reading Association in honoring her in 1995 with the Arbuthnot Award, which recognizes outstanding higher education instructors of children’s and young adult literature. In addition, she published more than 60 book chapters and journal articles and several studies on the use of children’s literature in elementary schools.

After graduating from Stritch, with a bachelor of philosophy degree in biology and elementary education, she taught in Milwaukee schools. She went on to earn a master’s degree in childhood development and education from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a Ph.D. in curriculum and K-12 education from Ohio State.

Pat Cianciolo taught at Marquette University, in children’s literature and elementary education methods, “of every kind!” She also supervised student teachers there. From Marquette, she went to Michigan State University, where she served on the literacy faculty from 1964 to 1996.

The Cianciolo Children and Young Adult Literature Research Collection includes nearly every recipient of two prestigious accolades – the Newbery Medal Award and the Caldecott Medal Award, which honor excellence in children’s literature and illustrations for children’s literature. The collection is vital to educators, scholars and children alike, and is used in various capacities by the University. It is also is available for onsite use by others.