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Master Of Business Administration

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College Of Business And Management

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Creig Kronstedt, PhD

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Chevron Corporation (2005); Business ethics; Avarice


This capstone research project addresses the oil company Chevron and its ongoing ethic issues. For many years Chevron has faced ongoing consumer and environment issues. Is Chevron’s greed causing the ongoing issues associated with the company? Chapter one provides brief details about Chevron and the oil industry. The literature in chapter two will discuss Chevron’s past issues and current operations. The literature review also provides details about similar oil companies and successful ethics and operations models Chevron can adapt. Chapters three and four discuss methods best fitting for Chevron based on past data. In concluding the research, the issues at Chevron are not from greed, the issues arise from Chevron’s decisions. The researcher attempts to reform Chevron’s reputation and environment issues with three alternatives.


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