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Master Of Business Administration

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College Of Business And Management

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Creig Kronstedt, PhD

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Coal-fired power plants; Energy conversion


Power generation facilities all over the nation are feeling the stress from increasingly stringent environmental regulations and emission requirements. The WEC Energy Group, located primarily in Wisconsin, is no exception. The burning of coal to make electricity has been a long-going environmental concern for decades now. This concern effects the triple bottom line for organizations like the WEC Energy Group, for operating outside of permitted power plant emissions will be costly, harmful for the planet, and negatively affect those who inhabit it. This capstone project focuses on the benefits of converting an existing coal-burning power plant within the company, and discovered whether or not the company would find value from such a project. The opportunity presented throughout this capstone will answer the question: how will converting an existing coal-burning power plant to natural gas benefit people, planet, and profit at the WEC Energy Group?


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