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Applied Management Decision Report (AMDR)

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Merit pay; Teachers--Salaries, etc


In 1983, when A Nation At Risk was published, the idea of merit pay for teachers reappeared. The hope associated with merit pay is that if public school teachers in the U.S. were given incentive for improvement, public education might also improve. Awards of merit pay would be based on longevity, credentials, additional duties and quality of teaching performance. If Marshfield, WI is typical of the school districts polled nationwide, there is some willingness to explore merit pay possibilities among both educators and the community. Three merit pay options predominate: Performance-by-objective, Professional Competence, and Career Ladder. Of them, an adaptation of the Career Ladder Approach as described by the State Superintendent's Task Force on Teaching and Teacher Education is the most likely to be successful in Marshfield, should the present system of rewarding teachers for their accumulation of college credits rather than their teaching competency be dropped. This pay system has four stages with entry standards and rewards specific to each level. It is workable, it motivates teachers to excel, it is cost effective over the long term, and it has the potential to improve student learning.


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