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Applied Management Decision Report (AMDR)

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Master Of Business Administration

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Dan Brachman

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Cafeteria benefit plans; Employees--Recruiting


Widespread employee dissatisfaction at P.H.A.S.E., Inc. resulting from the current benefits plan, the corporation's unwillingness or inability to increase employee compensations and the corporation's current stance of limiting the employer's investment in employee benefits describe the current situation. This author believes that the combination of selected potential solutions, in addition to long range strategic planning for them, has a strong potential of solving P.H.A.S.E., Inc.'s problem of attracting and retaining qualified employees. The resolution encompasses the offering of more training sessions; yet, addresses the employee's need for autonomy in their selection. The resolution addresses both the needs of the corporation and the employee by recommending an increase in non-direct cost benefits. The recommendation includes long range planning toward implementation of a flexible benefit plan which is seen by employees as highly autonomous. Finally, the resolution includes an employee training or intern program which will address the difficulty in attracting qualified employees.


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