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Applied Management Decision Report (AMDR)

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Master Of Business Administration

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Kay Krebs

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This AMDR report was prepared with the intent of analyzing an opportunity in the trucking industry. This report outlines expected expenses and revenue that a company would incur in the first year of operation. Strategic business alternatives were developed to provide a direction for the business operation. This analysis underscores the fact that trucking companies operate in a very turbulent environment. Rarely does anything in this industry stay constant. Competition from other carriers is very high. Driver shortages, due to drug testing and rising insurance costs, have increased the burden on small companies. Because of the many adverse factors that influence the trucking industry and the analysis presented in this report, the decision was made to not start a trucking company at this time. Hopefully, the future environment in this industry will change and make it worthwhile to pursue starting a new trucking enterprise.


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