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Master Of Business Administration

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College Of Business And Management

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Ralph J. Rich, Ed.D.

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Strategic planning; Nonprofit organizations--Management; Wounded Warrior Project


Research was conducted on the area of nonprofit management of resources as it pertains to strategic governance models, stakeholder expectations, and the current climate of the nonprofit sector. Leadership trends in conjunction with data obtained from the nonprofit organization, The Wounded Warrior Project, demonstrated contrasts between stakeholder perceptions of program expenditures and funds spent in varying overhead allotments. The importance of nonprofit governing procedures is relevant to donor beliefs and the generation of continued financial support. However, data and research obtained demonstrated the need for the nonprofit organization to embrace proven business models that rely on necessary expenditures to ultimately sustain the mission and serve a public benefit. Recommendations posited focused on a renewed embrace of for-profit patterns of success adopted by nonprofit strategic management scenarios. While the nonprofit sector holds a unique and indispensable role in domestic models of business governance, the tools and approaches largely adopted by the for-profit arena can benefit the nonprofit sphere and promote sustainability.


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