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Applied Management Decision Report (AMDR)

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Master Of Business Administration

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Richard McKnight

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Airplanes--Control systems; Airplanes--Electric equipment


This case study focuses on whether Sundstrand should take the next evolutionary step in the aircraft electrical power market. This step is incorporation of Electrical Load Management Centers (ELMC's) into its existing product lines. This paper will focus on four possible alternatives. The first alternative is to not expand in this direction. Whenever a venture is considered the potential benefits must out-weigh the potential risks or cost of entry. The second and third alternatives are very similar. Purchase a corporation that produces ELMC systems or a corporation that has technology similar to ELMC systems. These options are less favorable if Sundstrand already has technology and experience similar to ELMC's or if internal development would be a more cost effective solution. The last option is to internally develop, market, and sell ELMC systems. A study of Sundstrand's technical and financial resources will be necessary to determine if this is a feasible option.


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