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Wilson Doug Thompson

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Humane Society of the United States; Nonprofit organizations


The research was completed on the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). The research was conducted through various articles, books, periodicals, internet, web and electronic resources. These resources were gathered through the Cardinal Stritch library and through various internet sources. This research presented an historical overview and the current position of the Humane Society of the United States. The study explored areas of financials of the organization from previous years and comparisons between other similar organizations. The challenges of operating this organization and their impact globally and domestically is demonstrated. The research shows how this organization is able to have influence over animal cruelty issues worldwide. This is the one animal advocate organization that has the support both financial and legislative. The organization is primarily run by volunteers and by a supportive board of directors. The organization is able to take on animal cruelty worldwide through legislative means by reinforcing and establishing laws. In order to make an impact, this organization requires a large amounts of money to petition. Because of the nonprofit status of this organization, everything they do must be transparent to its donors and sponsors. The questions are raised as to how does this organization raise large amounts of money to fight their cause. How they are able to retain, recruit and train volunteers which this organization mostly consists of? This organization does not operate without controversy. How the organization manages their funds and how they are presented is debated. Because their size and how they market themselves, they are often confused with the local shelters. This has made donors angry regarding how they feel the local shelters are not supported. However this is the only organization of its kind with the size and the professional individuals that could take on these causes for animals worldwide. These are professional people such as lawyers, and activists who have the knowledge to get things done on global basis. These people need to get paid and could probably make much more money if they were in the for profit sector. There are similar organizations, but they do not have the same support to make a similar impact. HSUS does not support local shelters except in a minimal fashion. They could not support the local shelters just due to the number of shelters which is over 5,000 in the United States. HSUS could setup a separate account for the local shelters to offer some financial assistance. There would need to be an increase in donations or one of their revenue streams would need to be moved to accommodate the change. HSUS could also step up recruiting efforts by working with local shelters, universities and armed forces. This would require additional funds to accomplish these tasks. HSUS would probably experience an increase in donations because donors would know that HSUS is supporting their local shelters more than in the past. This would also help the people locally knowing that their local shelter is supported and they could have the chance to work with the organization on a larger scale. The Humane Society of the United States is the only organization with the size and stature to take on animal cruelty issues on a global scale.


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