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Master of Science in Health Services Administration

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Alzheimer's disease; Alzheimer's disease--Family relationships; Caregivers


The burden felt by caregivers of Alzheimer's victims was a concern of medical professionals. The intent of this project was to establish the degree to which in-home caregivers who were related to the victims felt burdened. To accomplish this, the researcher explored three important questions: 1. did the test results reveal the same amount of burden as was self-reported?, 2. did the age or sex of the caregiver or length of caregiving show any relationship to the amount of burden felt?, 3. did spouse or child caregivers reveal the higher amount of burden? In a review of literature, the researcher examined two important issues in light of the research questions. Those issues included a discussion of Alzheimer's as a disease and the treatment of its victims. The researcher also discussed those issues in relationship to the changing understanding of the disease and the various theories regarding its treatment. In addition, both issues were included in a discussion of historical, philosophical, sociological and psychological foundation perspectives. The researcher described in detail what happened during the course of this project. Through the results of the interview, it was discovered that caregivers of Alzheimer's afflicted relatives reported moderate to severe feelings of burden. It was also found that daughters caring for fathers and husbands caring for wives revealed a higher degree of burden than wives caring for husbands or daughters caring for mothers. After completion of this project, the researcher made recommendations for further support systems for the caregivers as well as additional educational opportunities. Until a cure was found, research was continued.


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