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Master Of Business Administration

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College Of Business And Management

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Ralph J. Rich, Ed.D.

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Selling; Generation Y; International economic relations


This research project examined how the art of selling has been reinvented by three interrelated cultural changes that had a domino effect on each other: technology, globalization, and the millennial generation. In the last several decades, technology has evolved exponentially, and became the most significant catalyst for sprawling globalization. Together, technology and globalization evolved and bred the very unique, millennial generation. In order to better understanding of how businesses sell to this unique generation, the scope of this project was narrowed. A comparative case analysis and SWOT were conducted on four organizations with Wisconsin roots: Johnson Controls, Inc., GE Healthcare, Northwestern Mutual, and Kohl’s. Each company competes in different platforms, industries, and markets. However, they all need to uncover how to sell to the millennial generation in order to sustain in the future. Based on the research, recommendations to sell to this generation include: engage in technology, take a global approach, and assess using the triple bottom line.


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