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Master of Science in Health Services Administration

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Cardinal Stritch College

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James T. Sprowls

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Hospitals--Employees; Performance--Evaluation; Labor relations; Employees--Training of


The research project was developed to determine the impact of a hospital-wide orientation and training program on employee job performance and turnover. A program was implemented in October, 1987, under the direction of the researcher. A pretest and posttest method was used with a control group. The year prior to implementation was used as the pretest, and the year following implementation was used as the posttest. Mean scores on standard performance evaluations were compared and analyzed by use of at-test. Turnover rate was also studied, as well as employee satisfaction with training as indicated on routine exit interviews. Results showed a positive impact on job performance and decrease in turnover rate for those exposed to the program, but not in the control group. The researcher concluded that the orientation and training program had a positive impact on both job performance and turnover, however, other variables may also have influenced results.


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