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Master of Science in Health Services Administration

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Richard Dowdle

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Nursing home patients--Restraint; Older people


The researcher identified the specific research question as follows: What is the effect of physical and chemical restraint reduction in the geriatric population, on significant injury and quality of life? For purposes of this study, significant injury was defined as fractures, sutures or a permanent change in the resident's condition. Quality of life was defined in terms of the resident's functional abilities. Both of these variables involved a comparison of data, pre and post restraint reduction. Consent for participation in this research study was obtained from the resident or their power of attorney. The restraint reduction period extended over a period of approximately 6-7 months. Data concerning significant injury was collected through the use of a tally sheet (log) of resident incidents. Resident incidents were monitored closely during the restraint reduction period, and were compared to the incident rate pre restraint reduction. Quality of life data was collected through the use of the OARS Multidimensional Functional Assessment Questionnaire. The questionnaire results were compared pre and post restraint reduction. The amount of restraint reduction was analyzed with the use of Chi Square. Significant injury data was analyzed utilizing the raw data, due to the limited time frame of this study. Quality of life data was analyzed with the use of the paired t-test. The Chi Square result indicated that a statisti­cally significant amount of physical restraint reduction had occurred during the study. The significant injury data suggested that there was no increase in the rate of significant injury post restraint reduction, although this was not analyzed statistically. The paired t-test results indicated a statistically significant positive change in residents quality of life. The researcher's results were in agreement with the available research to date (i.e. 1990), regarding the effects of restraint reduction on the geriatric population. Further research in the area of restraint use with the geriatric population is needed. The researcher's literature review to date of 1990 indicated a lack of available research in this area. The literature review was also lacking in the area of alternatives to restraint use.


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