Dale Nook

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Master Of Science In Management

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Dropouts--Education; Computer literacy; Vocational education


Technological change has impacted almost all of society, particularly the economic and educational sectors. High technology, of which computer technology is a fundamental component, has both destroyed and created jobs at a pace never before seen. The ability to understand and use computers is becoming essential to obtain and keep more and more different types of jobs. The thesis project was an attempt to address the problem of an increasingly polarized society fueled by the technological revolution. The purpose of this study was to document whether all members of society are sharing in the benefits of high technology, or will we create a world characterized by haves and have nots? The way this was accomplished was to study the impact the information revolution is having on society. Once this survey was completed, an instrument was designed to motivate people to become better educated in order to improve their standing in a technology-oriented economy. This was done in conjunction with a core group of consultants who represent all phases' of the computer industry. Relying upon their vast knowledge and expertise, a computer literacy program was developed. This thesis documented the effects the information revolution is having on society. Then, it goes on to elaborate upon the development of the computer literacy program and its significance for the disadvantaged participants that it served.


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