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Master Of Science In Management

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Walt Ritten

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Job satisfaction; Hospitals Furniture, equipment, etc.; Hospitals--Employees


Lack of role definition and job satisfaction can lead to a reduction in productivity. A position which is relatively unique in an organization but is relatively low in status would appear to be particularly vulnerable to these problems. It may be possible in this situation to clarify role definition and increase job satisfaction through standardization of procedures, ongoing training and inservice, and exposure to the functioning of other departments with which this position interfaces. The purpose of this project, therefore, was to determine if Equipment and Supply Aides assigned to the Intensive Care Units of a large hospital would have a better defined picture of their role in the organization, obtain greater job satisfaction and increase productivity through a group meeting once a month, establishment of a procedure manual to be used in all ICU's and informal tours of other departments within the hospital.


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