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Master Of Science In Management

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Job sharing; Work sharing; Labor turnover; Personnel management; Job satisfaction; Employee retention


Job sharing is a staffing and work scheduling alternative where two individuals share one job. This project examines the feasibility of applying job sharing to the telephone customer service department of Wisconsin Gas Company, Milwaukee­, Wisconsin. This department was selected for study because of the nature of the work performed and the problems presented by its unusually high rate of employee turnover. The project results indicate measurable improvement in turnover and quality of work life as a consequence of offering the job sharing option. Although the focus of this project is on the one department, the evidence presented in the feasibility study implies job sharing's appropriate­ness in a variety of work settings. To complete this study, literature on job sharing experiments in public and private sectors was reviewed. Surveys were conducted on other Milwaukee, Wisconsin employers and other natural gas utility companies across the United States. Extensive interviews with current and former employees of Wisconsin Gas Company's telephone customer service department were conducted. A portion of the project is dedicated to an implementation and evaluation plan designed for the department studied.


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