John V. Reese

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Master Of Science In Management

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Walt Ritten

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Strategic planning; Business planning; Executives


In order that a company not only maintain its present position in the business world but also grow in size and strength, it is important that a company measure its performance. To do this, a company must know where it is and where it is going. A strategic plan can provide a company with this map for growth. It is therefore the purpose of this project to analyze various writers in the field of strategic planning in order to help the reader better understand strategic planning in order to help the reader better understand strategic planning and the major reasons for its implementation. In addition, a strategic planning manual was developed for Process Displays, Inc. which covered the following aspects of a business plan: 1. executive summary, 2. product-line plan, 3. sales and marketing plan, 4. product-development plan, 5. operative plan, 6. organizational plan, 7. financial plan. The proposed manual was prepared with the help of executives and managers who developed individual department plans for compilation by the writer into a strategic planning manual. After reading this research project the researcher hopes that the reader will continue to learn more about strategic planning to benefit, not only in one's business, but also in his or her personal life as well.


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