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The premature failure rate of certain types of fixed mechanical equipment, such as air handling units and pumps, in the Sheboygan Area School District was unacceptably­ high. This contributed to inflated maintenance and repair costs. The researcher developed, implemented and evaluated the effect of a preventive maintenance (PM) pro­gram on the failure rate of such equipment. A quasiexperimental, nonequivalent control group research design was used in which the independent variable (IV) was PM and the dependent variable (DV) was the failure rate of fixed mechanical equipment. During the experimental period, November 25, 1985, to February 25, 1986, PM procedures were applied to the fixed mechanical equipment in four school buildings. Four other buildings, selected as controls, did not receive PM. The number of failures of equipment included in the PM program was determined for each of the test and control buildings. Cost data was also maintained for both PM work and all other repair work. Pretest failures were obtained from an ex post facto examination of maintenance records for the period from November 26, 1984, to February 26, 1985. This time period was used because it corresponded to the test period, and operating demands on the equipment were similar. Failure rates were calculated as the percentage of equipment included in the program which failed, compared to the total amount of equipment included in the program. Although the quantitative figures regarding the effects of the PM program on the failure rate of fixed mechanical equipment did not clearly show the benefits of such a system, the observations of the researcher and the other program participants tended to support the premise that a PM program was a necessary and valuable part of a well managed school maintenance operation. The researcher, therefore, recommended that the PM program be incorporated with the routine responsibilities of the department of buildings and grounds


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