Dale Vogel

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Master Of Science In Management

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Rehabilitation centers; Alcoholism--Treatment; Drug abuse--Treatment


Brown County Department of Social Services has moved toward the purchase of service model of service delivery over the past few years. The management staff of Brown County was dissatisfied with the existing method of program evaluation in this form of service delivery. Analysis of that system of providing treatment services revealed that it lacked a clearly defined process by which to evaluate the success or nonsuccess of treatment contracts. Further discussion revealed a possible approach to the management problem would entail formulating a set of performance standards. As trends suggest there is an increasing cost of service delivery as well as an increasing number of adolescents requiring Alcohol and Drug Abuse rehabilitation services which warranted a pilot project in this area of treatment. The goal of the research design was to formulate a set of performance standards in this field of service delivery based upon the data available. A thorough review of the literature and a study of the objectives currently being used in the field of AODA rehabilitation program evaluation provided the format for the establishment of performance outcomes. It was anticipated that this process would assist in the formation of performance standards that would be applied to the purchase of service agreement.


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