Holly Nerone

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Master Of Science In Nursing

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Ruth S. Coleman College Of Nursing And Health Sciences

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Christine Miller, PhD, RN

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Nursing students; Nursing--Study and teaching


Nurses frequently encounter patients with physical and mental health comorbidities and must be prepared to deliver appropriate care. The purpose of this integrated literature review was to explore best practices in prelicensure/undergraduate nursing education, for the integration of physical and mental health nursing skills. Seven quantitative and eight qualitative research studies were evaluated for this project, fourteen of which were published between 2012-2015 (one older study was included, from 1999). Nineteen additional articles and white papers related to concept and skills integration provided background and context. Gestalt theory was used to guide and interpret this exploration. A broad range of initiatives were found to improve mental health concept integration within undergraduate curricula. When combined, they suggest a comprehensive guide for the integration of physical and mental health concepts in prelicensure nursing education. The goal of prelicensure nursing education is to prepare nurses to practice competently in a variety of health settings; this includes addressing both physical and mental health needs with each patient encounter. Integrating these concepts during prelicensure education prepares nurses for this practice reality.


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