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Master of Arts in Education (Language and Literacy)

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Beth Hanson

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Reading (Elementary); Reading--Aids and devices; Reading comprehension


The purpose of this study was to determine whether differentiating instruction by way of ability grouping and integrating appropriate reading skills and strategies through the use of instructional leveled texts with struggling 3rd grade readers would improve their comprehension, fluency, and accuracy. Seven 3rd grade students considered to be struggling readers participated in this study. During the study, the participants met with the researcher 20-30 minutes daily, four times per week, for a total duration of eight weeks. The intent of the group instruction focused on comprehension skills, strategies, and oral reading fluency and accuracy skills. Overall, the results suggest that differentiating instruction for struggling readers by providing instruction that focused and reiterated comprehension and fluency skills and strategies helped to improve comprehension and fluency.


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