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Master Of Arts In Clinical Psychology

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College Of Arts And Sciences

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Dawn Reinemann, PhD

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Bullying; Teachers--Training of; School violence--Prevention


Teachers play an important role in identifying and intervening in school bullying situations. One purpose of this study was to find out if education on bullying is being presented during formal education. The study compared responses from undergraduate (n = 33) and graduate (n = 70) samples in knowledge about bullying, confidence in handling bullying situations, and choice of interventions. It sought to determine whether students could accurately identify and intervene when different forms of bullying were presented (physical, verbal, and relational). Results showed that 39% of undergraduate students and 50% of graduate students endorsed information on bullying is not being presented. Results showed confidence was correlated to classroom experience and perceived knowledge but not to training. Participants were more accurate in identifying more overt types of bullying. There were no differences between the undergraduate and graduate samples in confidence in handling bullying, knowledge about bullying, or choice of interventions.


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