Effects of explicit language and scaffolded-­‐models of a reading strategy on students while reading expository texts: an action research on the question-­‐answer relationship

Elyse Krautkramer


Today, many English Language Learners (ELLs) do not have the proper background knowledge, metacognitive skills, and strategy awareness that are essential to support their comprehension. As a result, numerous ELLs struggle with succeeding in their education. This action research answered the question: Will students be able to internalize explicit language, scaffolds, and a modeled reading strategy, while independently reading expository texts? In order to answer this question, the researcher developed instruction that incorporated the sociocultural theory, explicit language, and scaffolded-models of the Question-Answer Relationship (QAR) reading strategy with seventh grade ELLs while they read historical expository texts. The researcher found that the students internalized the explicit language and scaffolded-models of the QAR strategy and applied their knowledge independently. As a result, their comprehension improved.