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Master Of Arts In Clinical Psychology

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College Of Arts And Sciences

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Anupama Harvey, PhD

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Bullying; Social phobia;Cyberbullying;Anxiety--Psychological aspects


This study explores relationships between recalled peer victimization experiences from childhood and adolescence and social anxiety symptomatology in adulthood. One- hundred twenty-four participants were recruited from the general population through email and social media sites. Use of the Retrospective Bullying Questionnaire, Cyberbullying and Online Aggression Survey, and the Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale-Self Report were used to assess peer victimization and social anxiety experiences among participants’ aged 18 years and older. Results suggest peer victimization is an enduring and chronic problem among our youth that has long lasting and impairing effect on adults whom were involved in peer victimization during childhood and/or adolescence. Understanding who is victimizing their peers, how they are victimizing their peers, and when children and adolescents are getting victimized may help clinicians treat resulting social anxiety symptomatology in adulthood. Moreover, by examining the degree to which peer victimization is related to social anxiety may extend our understanding of the developmental effects of exposure to traditional and nontraditional forms of peer victimization.


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