Role Home Visits Play in Creating Positive Attitudes and Increased Literacy Skills in Young Readers

Lindi Connor


This study explored the effectiveness that positive home-school relationships had on increasing first graders’ reading attitudes and literacy achievement in the classroom. This research intended to refute the popular belief that low income minority students did not receive academic support at home, nor did these households provide resources helpful to classroom instruction. Home visits were made in order to foster positive relationships between the teacher and student families. Five first graders participated in a four week thematic unit intervention, which was designed from the information collected from the home visits with the intent to increase reading attitudes and literacy achievement for the participants. Data were collected from student and parent surveys, literacy assessments, anecdotal notes, and communication journals. Findings indicated parents were willing to participate in activities in the home and share feedback which could be used in the classroom. Findings also confirmed students experienced positive attitudes towards reading and made literacy progress after participating in the thematic units.