Differentiating Instruction by way of Ability Grouping and Integrating Appropriate Reading Skills and Strategies with Struggling 2nd Grade Readers to Improve Comprehension and Fluency

Jean Kroll


The purpose of this study was to determine whether differentiating instruction by way of ability grouping and integrating appropriate reading skills and strategies with struggling 2nd grade readers would improve their comprehension and fluency. Four 2nd grade students that were considered to have low reading abilities as determined by a phonological awareness screening test, oral reading assessment, and observation participated in the study. This individualized leveled reading group met with the researcher approximately 20 minutes daily, four times a week, for the duration of 6 weeks. The focus during this small group meeting concentrated on decoding, fluency, and comprehension. The results suggested that overall; participant's demonstrated growth in comprehension, fluency, and phonics skills over the course of the intervention.