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Master of Arts in Education (Reading/Learning Disabilities)

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Sandy McFarlan-Tibbits

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Children--Books and reading; Children--Language--Testing; Early childhood education; Language awareness in children; Reading; English language--Phonemics--Study and teaching; English language--Phonemics


Phonemic awareness is fundamental to reading skills acquisition, and refers to the ability to notice, think about, and manipulate the individual sounds in spoken words (McIntyre, Protz, & McQuarrie, 2008). This study examined the effectiveness of phonemic awareness instruction on a struggling, emergent reader. For six weeks, the participant in the study met with the researcher four times a week for thirty minutes. The researcher used systematic instruction in early literacy skills, letter and sound identification, small-word decoding, and other phonemic awareness tasks to help the student improve his emerging reading skills. After analyzing the pre-and post-test assessments, the researcher concluded that the intervention was effective in improving the participant's phonemic awareness development.


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