Susan Ruel

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Action Research Paper

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Master of Arts in Education (Special Education)

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Sister Gabrielle Kowalski, O.S.F.

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Vocabulary; Vocabulary--Study and teaching; Special education teachers--Training of


The purpose of the study was to implement Robert Marzano’s six-step vocabulary strategy to increase the vocabulary knowledge of three high school students with disabilities in the twelfth grade (Marzano, 2005). From here Students with disabilities struggle to learn and retain new academic vocabulary words. This is a problem for these students because if they lack a strong academic vocabulary, they are at a disadvantage in all academic disciplines in high school and college. When students with disabilities enter an academic discipline without the basic vocabulary needed, they have to work that much harder to master the basic words before they can master the new vocabulary terms. This research topic is important to current special educators because students with disabilities struggle with learning and retaining new vocabulary words. Special educators need strategies that will improve the vocabularies of their students, and strategies that the students will internalize, so that they will use them when new vocabulary is introduced in their classes. The next sentence is redundant. A stronger vocabulary will help students with special needs be more successful in high school and college because they will read better, write better, and perform better on quizzes and tests. This research may help special education teachers determine how effective Robert Marzano’s vocabulary strategy is in teaching high school students with disabilities how to build their academic vocabularies.


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