Amber Dewan

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Master Of Arts In Clinical Psychology

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College Of Arts And Sciences

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Brad Grunert, PhD

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Behavior disorders in children; Behavior disorders--Diagnosis; Behavior disorders--Treatment


Behavior problems in children constitute a wide variety of challenging behaviors for parents, teachers, and caretakers. In order to treat these behaviors, identification of the severity and frequency of the behaviors in young children, prior to and following treatment, is a necessity. This current research project examined a new measure that was developed to measure challenging and pro-social behaviors in very young children, in low-income settings. Results indicated that the Early Childhood Behavior Screen (ECBS) was sensitive enough to measure change in behaviors from pre-treatment to post-treatment, in children of different ages, genders, and developmental statuses. Results also indicated that the ECBS correlated significantly to the Early Child Behavior Inventory (ECBI), a standardized measure of child behavior problems. Therefore, the ECBS is a valuable behavior screening tool for determining the frequency of behaviors in young children in low-income settings.


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