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Linda Gordy, PhD

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Reading comprehension--Ability testing; Reading comprehension--Study and teaching; Reading (Middle school)--Study and teaching; Reading--Ability testing


The purpose of this action project was to explore the effect repeated reading strategy has on oral reading fluency and reading comprehension of middle school students. The repeated reading strategy supplemented the reading instruction of middle school students in a parental choice school. The 5-phase study included school and parental approval, student interest interview and teacher questionnaire; the administration of the Qualitative Reading Inventory - 5th edition for pre-test and post-test; repeated reading strategy training and intervention strategy implementation. Students paired together and trained on the intervention process received fluency-comprehension instruction 60 to 90 minutes twice a week. Growth was determined from the Pre-test and Post-test. The findings concluded an overall effect of the repeated reading strategy on fluency and comprehension of middle school students.


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