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Marian Graeven Peter, PhD

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English language--Phonemics; English language--Phonology; Language awareness in children; Kindergarten


This study investigated the effects of a 14-week reading intervention, which included using the Spot-and-Dot Syllabication Strategy (Cheyney and Cohen, 1999) in conjunction with an adjusted Vowel Pattern Chart (Cheyney and Cohen, 1999) with one student who attended a mid-western metropolitan literacy center. The student received instruction that allowed him to segment multisyllabic words through awareness of the vowel/syllable patterns. Pre- and posttest assessments were administered with the Reading Dr. Seuss Words!!! (Santa & Hoien, 1999) and the Power Pattern Placement Survey (Cheyney and Cohen, 1999). Posttest results showed he had significant improvement of p = 03 on Reading Dr. Seuss Words!!! (1999) and p = 01 on the Power Pattern Placement Survey (1999). These results show that the use of this intervention strategy helped this struggling reader recognize vowel/syllable patterns. Further research is needed to determine the effects of this intervention with small intervention groups and/or in a regular classroom environment.


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