The effects of phonological awareness based centers to enhance literacy skills in kindergarten

Nancy P. Burns


The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of using phonological awareness centers to facilitate development of kindergarten students’ phonological awareness skills. The research question asked: How will facilitating phonological awareness centers make kindergarten students better readers? The research design consisted of quantitative pre/post assessments, small group study research design. The findings/results of the action research confirmed my hypothesis which was that the kindergarten students would significantly show growth in reading skills after 7 weeks of using phonological awareness centers. The fact that the students were able to show significant improvements in seven of the eight subcategories on the PASS assessment verifies that the students were able to increase their understanding of phonological awareness skills. The significance/implications of the research shows that teachers need to have access to continuous effective instructional activities to help their students become more competent with the use of phonemes to strengthen their reading skills.