Corey Didier

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Master Of Arts In Clinical Psychology

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College Of Arts And Sciences

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Trevor F. Hyde, PhD

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Psychotherapy; Self-efficacy; Expectation (Psychology)


Talk therapy’s efficacy is universally accepted and is often the sole method of mental health treatment. Investigating the effects of vocalized thoughts and feelings on cognition, the Articulated Thoughts during Simulated Situations Paradigm (Davison, Haaga, Rosenbaum, Dolezal, & Weinstein, 1991) was used to assist eighty-one participants in conjuring emotions relating to the imagined situation of giving a public presentation. Pre and posttests of self-efficacy (SE) and outcome expectations (OE) relating to the imagined scenario were compared across three groups. Results did not support the hypothesis that speaking out loud about thoughts and feelings would increase SE and OE. A States of Mind analysis (Schwartz & Garamoni, 1986) was likewise unable to support the hypothesis. The discussion focuses on several aspects of cognition as they relate to speech including linguistic relativity, the phonological loop, as well as desensitization and metacognition. Directions for future research are also discussed.


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