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Sister Bernadette Hall, S.S.N.D.

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Michael Flaherty

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Word recognition; Word recognition--Study and teaching; Reading; Reading--Ability testing


This study investigated the effects of a reading intervention that integrated blending and segmenting decoding strategies on the word recognition performance of five first grade students who were considered below grade level expectations set by the school district. The intervention evaluated students’ abilities to decode short vowel closed syllable words with digraphs through blending and segmenting phonemes. Six assessments were used to analyze the effects of the decoding performance of the five students. All students demonstrated significant gains in their ability to decode short vowels and digraphs, and segment phonemes. Students also increased their accuracy when reading words in isolation, and spelling words. The effects suggest the impact of incorporating blending and segmenting strategies when designing an intervention for students reading below grade level expectations.


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