Influence of Explicit Vocabulary Instruction on Early Readers' Reading Abilities

Lisa Barnes


This action research focused on three main questions 1) how can teachers best support students' vocabulary development 2) will this type of explicit instruction enhance students' vocabulary development and use, and 3) will explicit vocabulary instruction enhance their overall reading abilities. The researcher hypothesized that the explicit intervention would positively affect students' vocabulary development and also their overall reading abilities. Data was collected during a six week study were students received three weeks of their regular instruction and three weeks of explicit vocabulary instruction. Students' abilities were assessed using pre and posttest results from a standardized test, as well as researcher observations and tape recorded conversations. Additionally, the students reading levels were tracked from the beginning to the end of the study. Overall the results ofthis study indicate positive effects during the intervention week which suggest that explicit vocabulary instruction is an effect strategy for strengthening students' vocabulary development and overall reading abilities.