Influence of Vocabulary Pre-Teaching on Classroom Read Alouds With English Language Learner Kindergarten Students

Kelly Brady


This action research study focused on determining what affect pre-teaching vocabulary words from classroom read alouds would have a students' vocabulary acquisition. The study compared incidental exposure to words in read alouds to explicitly teaching words in read alouds. The researcher hypothesized that students would gain vocabulary knowledge when words were taught prior to reading books with the target vocabulary words. This was a pre and post test experimental design that lasted eight weeks. Data was collected using two different vocabulary tests designed by the researcher. In addition, data was collected on students retellings of the read aloud stories. The results proved that students can learn vocabulary from read alouds. In particular it showed that girls acquired more vocabulary through explicit instruction during a read aloud. This action research suggests that more research is needed regarding gender learning as well as vocabulary acquisition with the use of literature particularly for English Language Learners.