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Action Research Paper

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Master of Arts in Education (Special Education)

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Sister Gabrielle Kowalski, O.S.F.

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Special education; Special education teachers; Special education teachers--Training of


As a special education teacher, I strive to bring a variety of techniques to my students in order for them to succeed academically. What if a teacher explained to students what they were going to learn, the same objectives the teacher has when planning the lesson? We break down our lesson planning in steps to ensure we are guiding students through the learning process, so why not state these steps directly to the students? Breaking lessons into explicit steps for students with special needs is especially important as these students are generally already behind their peers academically. I believe that, the retention of students with special education needs is reflected in the score of the mandated state-wide testing, which once published for the public reflects upon the students, teachers, school and district. The vicious cycle of being judged from mandated state wide tests highlights for the public a failing system of inadequate instruction. Purpose of study: Too often when teaching students we struggle with how to get the students to comprehend and retain the information we are delivering to them. Teachers are placed in the spotlight because of how their students achieve, which can be reflective of how the teachers instruct.


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