Sean DeFelice

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Master of Arts in Education (Urban Special Education)

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Linda Gordy, PhD

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Cognition disorders; Fluency (Language learning); Reading; Word recognition


This case study considers the impact of using repeated reading and decoding strategies on the fluency level of a student with a cognitive disability. The case study is a one-on-intervention between the investigator and participant. Strategies, such as listening-while-reading, repeated reading, readers' theater, and segmentation activities, are implemented with the participant. Progress is measured by considering the participant's oral fluency rate, word identification skills, and ability to identify unknown words. Limited progress is found due to the length of the intervention and severity of the student's needs. Further research on effective strategies to be implemented with a student with a cognitive disability is necessary to determine the most practical methods of improving a student's fluency.


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