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Master of Arts in Education (Urban Special Education)

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Penny Rossetto

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Literacy; Language acquisition; Phonetics


A case study was conducted to determine if intervention in phonological awareness skill development can effectively support a struggling reader. One third grade male student was used for this study. The intervention design for this case study incorporated the use of Phoneme Grapheme Mapping (Grace, 2007) to strengthen phonemic awareness while simultaneously building an association of sounds to the spellings of words. An intensive five-week intervention design yielded positive gains in the areas measured by the Phonemic-Awareness Skills Screening (PASS) (Crumrine & Lonegan, 2000), Qualitative Reading Inventory - 5 (Caldwell & Leslie, 2011), and Dr. Seuss Words (Santa & Hoien, 1999). According to the growth shown in assessments, the use of Phoneme Grapheme Mapping increased phonological awareness


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