Robyn Furger

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Master Of Arts In Clinical Psychology

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College Of Arts And Sciences

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Jeff Crisco, PhD

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Autism; Parents of autistic children; Autistic children--Care


This study examined the perceived level of involvement from mothers and fathers of children with autism with regard to an in-home therapy program. It also determined mother and father perceptions of his or her significant other's level of involvement. The study then examined perceived levels of satisfaction with mothers’ and fathers’ levels of involvement. Participants were 33 adults recruited from a local agency that provides intensive in-home therapy services as well as from word of mouth. Participants were asked to complete a survey which measures perceptions of involvement with regards to the in-home therapy program. Results indicate that both male participants and female participants perceive they are involved in therapy. The data also indicates that female participants do not have a strong perception one way or another about their significant other's involvement and are somewhat satisfied with his involvement, contrary to the stated hypotheses. Results are discussed in terms of future research on parent involvement in therapy


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