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Master Of Arts In Clinical Psychology

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College Of Arts And Sciences

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Lela Joscelyn, PhD

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Anxiety; Behavior assessment; social anxiety; Students--Attitudes


The role of social anxiety in mediating one’s communication style was explored. Twenty-five university students completed the Social Phobia Inventory (Connor et al., 2000) to indicate their level of social anxiety, as well as other aspects of an online questionnaire to determine their cellular phone use habits. Participants answered questions about their cell phone use and “preference” to SMS text (short message service) or call others. Participants then completed an online questionnaire by answering questions about why they SMS text (Reid & Reid, 2007). It was predicted that participants high in social anxiety will 1) prefer to SMS text over calling, and 2) indicate with their survey answers that the high rate of texting is not, in fact, their choice or preference (for example, their responses do not indicate they text message because it is easier, stylish, or more intimate). Instead, it was predicted that participants would report that their texting habits are actually forms of avoidance behavior, done for ego-protection and self-preservation. Implications of this type of finding on clinical practice will be discussed in further detail.


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