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Action Research Paper

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Master Of Arts In Language And Literacy

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Michael Flaherty

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Reading comprehension--Study and teaching; Vocabulary--Study and teaching; Reading (Primary)


In an extension of research on the effect of implementing intervention for students with reading difficulties (Kim et al., 2009; Lang et al. 2009; O'Connor et al., 2007; Rogevich et al., 2008; Vaughn et al., 2010), the present study examined the effectiveness of implementing intervention for students with reading difficulties on students' overall comprehension. The researcher hypothesized that consistently implementing reading intervention with fifth grade students with reading difficulties would improve the students' comprehension. Five fifth graders participated in this eight-week study. Interventions implemented throughout the study included explicit modeling of word recognition strategies, narrative story structure, and expository text structure. Data collection and analysis focused on the participants' ability to read and comprehend text through questions designed to test the students' comprehension. The results revealed that the implementation of intervention resulted in positive gains for students' overall comprehension. Finally, recommendations for further research were presented.


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