Lynn Gillian

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Master Of Arts In Clinical Psychology

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College Of Arts And Sciences

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Trevor F. Hyde, PhD

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Family psychotherapy; Substance abuse -- Treatment; Substance abuse--Relapse--Prevention.


This study explored the relationship between relapse rates in opiate users and the involvement of family therapy. The researcher studied twenty-seven adults involved in outpatient substance abuse treatment for opioid use disorder at Ozaukee County Counseling Center. All participants completed an initial questionnaire and two follow up questionnaires over a two month period. All participants also completed the AWARE questionnaire three times. The AWARE questionnaire measures potential relapse rates. Participants were divided into two groups. Family programming was offered to one group but not the other. The researcher hypothesized that participants who had family involvement had lower relapse rates. The researcher found there was a significant difference between the two groups; however it was significant before the family programming was implemented. The reason was likely to be due to the groups not being randomly assigned. They were arbitrarily assigned. Other reasons could be due to blinding and demand characteristics. In this study, family therapy did not affect relapse rates.


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