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Master Of Arts In Language And Literacy

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Kathy Murray

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Readers' Theater--Study and teaching; Fluency (Language learning); Reading comprehension


Throughout my teaching career I have been curious as to why some students are able to comprehend a reading passage with greater ease than other students. I have taught first, second, and third grade and in all three grades I observed similar issues with the students who have difficulty with comprehending a reading passage. Most of the students I worked with who had difficulty with comprehension also had a hard time reading fluently. This made me wonder if reading fluency had an impact on reading comprehension. A fluent reader is one who can orally read at an appropriate rate and use expression to show the reader understands the meaning of the text (Griffith & Rasinski, 2004). After discussing this thought with many other teachers and reading research articles, I wondered if using Readers’ Theaters in the classroom to improve students’ reading fluency would in turn improve students’ reading comprehension. Due in part to my collaboration and research I explored the following research question, "Does student fluency through the use of Reader's Theater increase the student's comprehension?"


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