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Master Of Arts In Language And Literacy

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Lauren Cleary

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Religious education; Reading comprehension


This study analyzed the impact of summarizing on students’ comprehension and retention of a religion textbook. The study consisted of an eight-week intervention during which the participants engaged in a variety of summarizing activities three days each week in religion class. Fifteen eighth grade girls from an urban, all-girls, Catholic school in a Midwestern city participated in the study. The researcher used oral and written summaries as well as objective quizzes and exams for pre- and posttests. In addition, the researcher monitored the students’ progress by collecting the students’ notes and written summary paragraphs. Results indicated that the study had a positive impact on the students’ ability to comprehend and retain information from the religion textbook. The study did not impact students’ ability to recognize main ideas and write summaries.


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