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Master Of Arts In Language And Literacy

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Daryl Rose Coppins, EdD

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Reading comprehension; Special education; High school students


The purpose of this study was to determine if utilizing a four square vocabulary box when presented with difficult science text would improve student reading comprehension. Three high school students who receive special education services participated in the eight week study. Participants received explicit instruction from the author on how to use a four square vocabulary box when reading expository text. In addition, participants were presented with an overview of lesson objectives, background knowledge was introduced, comprehension of text was assessed, and vocabulary was reviewed. Pretest and posttests were given to indicate if the use of a four square vocabulary box would increase student reading comprehension. Results indicated student reading levels did not increase. This study raises the question about ways to instruct students with disabilities on how to understand difficult vocabulary found in expository text and if more practice time is needed for students to improve reading comprehension.


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