Rachel Gimbel

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Master Of Arts In Clinical Psychology

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College Of Arts And Sciences

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Gregory Jurenec, PhD

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Resilience (Personality trait); Urban youth; Caregivers


The constructs of resilience and risk were reviewed in the context of at-risk youth. Resilience was defined as "manifested competence in the context of significant challenges to adaptation or development." A questionnaire was developed and was given to professional caretakers working with at-risk youth at three different agencies. Results found that alcohol and drug use as well as criminal behavior by the youth or immediate family members contribute most to youth risk. Results also found suicidality to be rated as the most serious risk behavior. Protective factors that were rated the most important were positive relationships with supportive adults and strong opinions of self. The most valuable factors to address in intervention were found to be parent and family focused intervention as well as substance abuse and crime prevention programs. Finally, results showed that there was generally no significant difference among caregivers based on their work setting and years of professional experience.


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