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Master Of Arts In Clinical Psychology

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College Of Arts And Sciences

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J. Timothy Petersik, PhD

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Stroop Color and Word Test; Cerebral hemispheres


The Stroop Color-word Task (Stroop Task) has been a widely utilized perceptual tool throughout research. It has helped researchers gain more knowledge about how and where our brains process written language and color. However, presenting the Stroop Task to isolated hemispheres has not previously been researched. This research study hoped to explore this area more and investigate whether hemispheric differences are present during the Stroop Task. Seventy-four college students from two universities participated in this experimental design. The Paradigm Perceptual Software program was used and designed to present multiple trials of the Stroop Task to each hemisphere by presenting stimuli either in the left visual field or right visual field. Results indicate that there is not a significant difference between right hemisphere and left hemisphere performance during the Stroop Task. This did not support the researcher's initial hypothesis that there would be a difference in performance; specifically that the right hemisphere would perform more quickly during the task. However, there was a significant difference between control stimuli (solid bars of color) and the experimental stimuli (Stroop Task) as hypothesized. Although not the focal point of the research, there were also interesting interactions between gender and handedness of participants. All findings are noted and discussed further in detail.


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