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Master Of Arts In Language And Literacy

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College Of Education And Leadership

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Linda Gordy, PhD

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Storytelling ability in children; Reading (Kindergarten)


Oral narrative skills contribute to children's academic and social success and are, therefore, important skills to develop. This research examined the effects of a six week oral narrative intervention on kindergarten students' ability to retell picture books. The intervention integrated dialogic shared reading, story grammar interventions, and heterogeneous paired practice and included both whole-class and small-group instruction. Research participants represented a diversity of cultures, overall language skills, retelling ability, and reading ability. After participating in intervention, students included more story grammar elements and more appropriate character introductions in their retellings. The intervention had no measurable effect on participants' references to characters' emotional states in their retellings. The findings and recommendations of this study could be used to further refine and improve oral narrative interventions.


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