David Grimm

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Master Of Arts In Clinical Psychology

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College Of Arts And Sciences

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Jo Weis, PhD

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Bereavement--Psychological aspects; Attachment behavior; Marital status; Anxiety; Marital relations; Happiness


This study examined the relationships between marital satisfaction, attachment style, and death anxiety. A good deal of research has been conducted on death anxiety and many theories have evolved from this research. One such example is Terror Management Theory, which assumes that anxiety-buffering effects can be gained from raising self-esteem and enhancing cultural worldview. Marriage and attachment style are two variables that can lend insight into these anxiety-buffering effects. Data was collected from participants through online surveys distributed via The hypotheses were that respondents with higher levels of marital satisfaction and higher scores on secure attachment style would have lower levels of death anxiety. Results from the present showed that there is no significant correlation between respondents’ scores on the marital satisfaction scale or their level of secure attachment and the level of death anxiety reported.


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